Network Infrastructure

The Piece that Holds It All Together

Before you can build a house, you must have a solid foundation. In the same way, discussing virtualizationconsolidation, or migration of your information technology hinges upon the solid foundation of your network infrastructure.

HSB engineers have proven years of experience designing and building reliable campus and enterprise LAN/WAN and wireless networks.

Our senior engineering staff ensures the proper configuration, installation, and documentation of your network infrastructure.

From routers and switches to management, security, and mobility, HSB Solutions builds the foundation of your network infrastructure to support the technologies necessary to move your business forward.

Five Essential Elements of an Effective Network

1. In today’s high-speed information world, data and application availability can make or break a business.

The emergence of virtual technologies has increased information access and improved business continuity, but its full power cannot be realized outside of a high-availability network environment.

HSB engineers make sure your level 2 and level 3 switches support the functionality required for your business information including high availability, routing of virtual local area networks (VLAN), Quality of Service (QOS), and high-speed port prioritization. HSB Solutions provides the neccesary configuration to keep your applications running smoothly, efficiently, and with maximum uptime.

2. Risk management and security for business continuity.

There are two extremes in the game of security: absolute security and absolute access. The trick, of course, is to find that balance that provides the access you need to your information and still protect that information from hackers, network attacks, malware, and natural disasters.

Experienced HSB engineers select and implement security devices and planning to maintain your secure network while at the same time providing for application reliability. HSB engineers have the training and certifications to ensure the latest in industry-leading security for your network.

3.  Mobility for anytime/anywhere computing.

Increasing productivity through wireless connectivity without compromising network security has become imperative for today’s enterprises. Network mobility allows users to have access across a broad range of environments for a broad range of needs.

High-speed, flexible, secured wireless connectivity ensures the full functionality of your mobile and handheld wireless devices and applications. HSB engineers install and configure the latest wireless controllers without negative impact to your core network infrastructure while at the same time providing the secure, high-speed connectivity your business demands.

4. Ease of management from either a central or remote location.

Ease of network management is a key element of any network design. Administrators need to manage a multitude of controls such as port configurations, VLAN settings, port speeds, link aggregation or port trunking, link connectivity, routing, network errors, and outright hardware failures … in order to keep your business information flowing.

Effective management tools that can be accessed from either a central or remote location provide for reliability and high availability of the network to end users. HSB engineers have years of proven experience with management tools and industry-leading technologies that provide for optimum network management.

5. “Future-proof” infrastructure for scalability and growth.

Many experts recommend you plan your IT acquisitions with a 5-year growth plan in mind. Rapidly changing technologies and exponentially growing data place increasing demands on your network infrastructure. Careful analysis and planning at the beginning will save both money and frustrations in the long-run.

The HSB team can provide a network assessment at the front end of any information technology project and wrap it around a network security assessment at the same time. HSB Solutions delivers proven reliable and scalable technology solutions …a future-proof IT infrastructure for scalability and growth.